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Central City Animal Hospital’s Veterinarian Services

At Central City Animal Hospital, it is our mission to provide your pets with the best medical care. We believe that great health starts with prevention. That is why we recommend using prescription foods to fulfill your pet’s dietary needs and promote good health. Checkups are also an important part of maintaining your pet’s health.

Within our clinic, we offer veterinary, surgical and nutritional assistance for your pet. We make every attempt to make our rates as affordable as possible without sacrificing quality of care. View our rates below:

Dental$195.00 (& up)



          $120.00 (& up)

Neuter          $100.00 (& up)
Rabies Vaccine          $30.00
DA2PP          $32.00
Leptospirosis          $20.00
Bordetella          $20.00

Spay$80.00 (& up)
Neuter$70.00 (& up)
Rabies Vaccine $30.00

Feline Leukemia


*prices subject to change without notice. All vaccinations include physical exam by veterinarian


We carry a number of pet supplies for the nutrition, health and wellbeing of your pets. These include:

> Prescription Diet®
> Trupanion™
> Healthy Advantage™
> Hills®
> Revolution®
> Advantage®
> Royal Canin®
> Petsecure
> Breathalyzer®
> Nolvadent®
> Enzadent™
> Hydrosurge®
> Vet-Kem®
> Siphotrol®
> Nutri-Cal®
> Virbac
> Zoetis


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